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I don't know if all of you blog, but there seems to be a pattern. If you don't post for a certain amount of time, all of a sudden people start spamming your blog. I have had three such spams in the last two days. I guess that's a reminder for me that I still have this blog and I still need to be posting!

I think I may have worn myself too thin. I worked hard at my NaNoWriMo and after finishing the draft, going over it twice, and sending the first few pages to an editor I'm now ready to query the story. So while I was doing that I've attempted to put together a screenplay and a cast and some promo shoots for Cassandra's Castle, I finished my book Pouraka, an underwater romance about mermaids and dolphins and all things ocean, which I will be publishing next month, and to top that all off, I have been writing for Amazing Stories Magazine, not to mention trying to keep up with my Word Press blog.

I think it's time to dedicate this blog to other authors. So if any of you have some ideas how best we can work together please leave your comments here. It's a healthy space and I'd like to see it shine!

Thanks for sticking with me!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Introducing The Shaughnessy File

 Introducing The Shaughnessy File by Etta Jean

Welcome to the 3rd District in New York City where pumpkins become limos and corporations are kingdoms in this modern take on classic faerie tales.

Trouble starts in the Shaughnessy household when youngest daughter Aenya starts dancing her way through her shoes every night—without ever leaving her room! She keeps her double life a secret from all the men who try to find the truth, but then private investigator Hiro Michaels arrives on the scene. Can she find a way to have her dreams and her love all at the same time?

Kienan Shaughnessy throws his dreams of a musical career on a wild gamble that takes a detour once he meets plain nightingale Madelyne Winters. The young innkeeper has been burned by love and cursed by hate, and she can't trust anyone as beautiful as swan-like Kienan. Can he teach her to sing a love song before it's too late?

Eldest sibling Taegan Shaughnessy unexpectedly gets a new pair of glass slippers as he pines for a princess out of his reach. Station and impropriety alike threaten to keep Kalliope Tavoularis from having the man she loves, but this princess won't take anything lying down. Can some help from an unlikely faerie godmother stop the clock from striking midnight forever?

Mel Shaughnessy is the wild-spirited beauty of the household. Though as smart as he is handsome, his college grades have plummeted past the point of no return. His only hope is the university's tutor: a woman nicknamed 'the beast'. Audra Alexandros has no sympathy, and no graces, and yet there's something about this lone wolf that Mel finds himself helplessly drawn toward. Can the beauty win the beast and close the file on the Shaughnessy Family for good?
Want to read more? How about an excerpt or two?

"Special delivery!" Kienan told Madelyne cheerfully as he reached her side. "I caught the teacher at the door and decided to save him a trip."
If she hadn't been sure that he was behind it, she would have never suspected him. She warily got to her feet and took the carnation he was holding out. The card was blank and she blinked at it. "It's not signed." What was this maddening male up to?
"It's not?" He peered at the card. "How are you supposed to know who it's from then? Ah! Wait. I bet this will help." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pen. Before she could stop him, he had taken the card and scrawled his distinctive signature across it. "There. That ought to do it."
"Oh my god!" a girl in the back of the room blurted excitedly. "Kienan Shaughnessy is courting Madelyne Winters!"
The entire room erupted into an excited buzz. It was the most interesting thing to happen in a long time, and definitely the most romantic thing to happen ever.
"No!" Madelyne said hastily, trying to wave her hands in the air for attention. "No, he's not! Kienan," she pleaded, looking at her 'admirer,' "tell them the truth!"
"What truth?" He grinned. "I am courting you, nightingale."


Mel's hands suddenly slid under Audra's. Something quivered inside her soul. His hands were bigger than hers, his skin barely darker. She was only two inches shorter than he was, but he was so strong and powerful that she felt safe and secure. And when his hands slowly closed over hers, the touch was as possessive as it was protective.
"When was the last time you were held?" he asked softly.
"I don't remember," she admitted just as softly. "I never felt comfortable letting anyone close." Her lips twisted with a mockery of a smile. "It didn't matter. No one wanted to be close. I'm not talking about the scars. Something inside me…scares people."
"Not me." Her eyes lifted to his and he lowered his forehead to hers. "Not anymore. Yeah, you scared the hell out of me at first. You even admit to doing it on purpose. But…I'm not afraid of you. Not anymore. There's nothing you could say or do that would make me decide I didn't want to know you or comfort you. Or be your friend."

Her eyes closed. Though she knew he believed what he said, she knew he was wrong. At best, all she could say was, "Thanks."

Etta Jean was made in England but born in Sacramento, California. Her destiny as a bard was somewhat inevitable. Little else can explain how she constantly told her mother tall tales so outlandish that she couldn't even get grounded for them. A love of worlds created by others eventually brought out the desire to create her own, and she has never looked back. She has seen both good and evil in her life, and her stories, like life, have no half measures. Her happy endings never come without cost, though, for she truly believes we can't appreciate the good and the joy without the bad and the pain along the way.

Her current haunt is a comfy house in her beloved Sacramento where she wrangles four feline fur-kids and consumes peppermints like mana in order to balance a calendar filled with more creative venues than a sane person should realistically undertake. If she's not chained to her desk, she's stomping through the scenery in search of equally fantastical photographs

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